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From sand, gravel and loam delivery to excavation projects and licensed septic systems, Spurway Contracting is your reliable, local team for your next big project.







We supply and deliver various types of gravel, sand, Trap Rock and top soil. Big or small, our fleet of trucks will get the job done! Scroll for a list of our available products.

We are licensed experts in fixing, replacing, installing and maintaining your septic system. From low profile to holding tanks, we offer a solution that will suit your septic system needs. We are familiar with all of the guidelines and requirements put in place by Algoma Public Health and all sites are inspected and approved.

We build solid foundations!
Land clearing, road building, ditch digging, garage pads and basements. Our excavation services are endless and our lineup of equipment and licensed operators are ready for your next job. You dream it, we dig it.

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  • Pit Run Gravel

    • Used to build up existing driveways/roadways and for yard fill.​

  • Screened Gravel

    • Screened gravel packs well and is best used for smaller sized gravel pads, parking pads and some driveway applications.​

  • Crushed Gravel

    • Crushed gravel also packs well and is used for garage pads and driveways.​

  • 5/8” Crushed Asphalt

    • 5/8” Crushed Asphalt packs extremely well and is a great product for driveways.​

  • Trap Rock

    • Available in 3/8”, 5/8”, 5/8” Clear, 4” Clear and Rip Rap.

    • The smaller sized Trap Rock is best suited for use on driveways while larger Track Rock is most commonly used for decorative purposes. Rip Rap is most commonly used for banking culverts or banking a creek system. 

  • Bank Sand

    • Best used for house back fill and yard build up.

  • Beach Sand

    • Beach sand is great for fixing up your existing beach and is the best sand for a child’s sand box. 

  • Utility Sand

    • Utility Sand is screened and used for power and water lines.​

  • Clear Stone

    • Great stone for drainage and landscaping. This is the stone used in our septic applications.​

  • Top Soil Grade 1

    • A very nice loam that’s great for grass, landscaping and gardening.​

  • Top Soil Grade 2

    • A sandy loam used for both landscaping and as yard fill. 

  • Boulders

    • Available for decorative purposes.

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